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  2. My kind of parenting.


  3. alex karev appreciation week » day seven: free choice
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  4. Just a Bartender - Everlark Drabble Challenge


    Just a Bartender 


    A milion years ago, I was nominated for the Everlark Drabble Challenge by jamiesommers23 with the prompt: witch Katniss falls for human Peeta. I’ve been thinking lately that it’s perfect trick-or-treating weather, so here’s a silly story inspired by (not based on) one of my favorite movies ever, Hocus Pocus.

    I challenge jennagill and thegirlonpeetamellark to the following prompt: Katniss tries to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Have fun! :)

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  5. quarterquellorg:

    Annoyed by the marketing campaign for Mockingjay - Part 1? Jimmy Kimmel got Lionsgate to take quite a different approach to the new trailer…

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  6. loving-mellark:

    Everlark Drabble Challenge

    I was challenged by wonderful titania522 with the prompt, ‘Don’t get  me wrong’ And thank you girl for tagging me. Okay, I was kind of helpless. And then I just read something which peetasbunmyoven posted.

    The whole idea:

    “I bet Peeta loves feeding Katniss.

    That girl loves food and he’s had to watch her struggle over the years and now he can just bake her things all the time and watch her eat. And he probably smiles sweetly and then she makes sex noises and licks her fingers and lips and his smile falls and he gets hard and inevitably they end up on the floor sticky and naked.”

    And I think sometimes they end up on dining table just like that!

    I’m tagging prisspanem, jamiesommers23 and estherjilien with the prompt fangirl!Katniss. 

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  7. I never wanted any of this. I never wanted to be in the games.

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  8. I’ll be reblogging this every time I see it on my dash because… Fuck.

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  9. Stress eating the fuck out of an unripe peach right now. The crunching seems to be helping.


  10. I’m so pissed off right now I’m shaking and crying.