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    "Most Anticipated" TV Spot

    Be ready to cry all the tears for Peeta.

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  2. Anonymous said: Any hot joshifer fanfics with wild sex?


    Pardon my movie reference, but… Mine or other women’s?  Anyone get the quote?

    If you mean mine, Ball Collection has some adult-themed chapters that are marked on the story page.

    As for others, yes, there are many. A number of stories from areyouserial, burlesonspride, peetasbunmyoven, and jamiesommers23 come to mind, but there are a ton of others. Head over to joshiferrecs and jhutchdirectory for lists of stories. If you want more recs, feel free to ask again. I’m happy to rec more.

    Thank you, honey.


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    This is the reason gifsets were invented

    friendly reminder that this wasn’t in the script - they were just messing around on set one day and this happened.

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  5. It’s the things we love most, that destroy us.

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  6. Anonymous said: I looked at the Friends gifset and I thought to myself, do you think Joshifer is kind of like Ross and Rachel? Like they'd get together but keep having obstacles thrown in their way? Nick is, I don't know. Claudia is either Julie or Emily? I'm thinking way too much about this.


    Here’s a Joshifer prediction told through Ross and Rachel GIFs for you my darling anon. 

    Josh secretly had feelings for Jen


    But she was with someone else and they were just friends.


    But then Jen broke up with her boyfriend and said to Josh


    But that was just a lust thing so they each went their own way


    until Josh found someone else and Jen realized she had feelings for him


    And though it broke his heart, he was committed to someone else until…


    And then everything else fell into place for Josh and Jen and he confessed his true feelings


    And they finally get married


    Make beautiful Joshifer babies


    and live happily ever after


    Because we all know the truth here




    She’s his lobster!



    The End


    I love it when an old post comes back around.


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  8. Josh Hutcherson Appreciation Month, Day 18


    Day 18: Post your favorite Josh fanfiction.

    There’s no way to answer this question in a way that does justice to the amazing amount of talent in this fandom, so I might wax poetically for a while.

    My absolute favorite story is The Hawaii Chronicles, which is (sadly) no longer available. The author deleted her blog over a year ago, but her story connected with my deepest fears and biggest hopes for a relationship and spoke about the horrible fear of running out of time. Her Josh was sweet, kind, manly, powerful, and loving in a way that broke my heart in a wonderful way. January, her main female character, was much older than Josh, and fought with herself about the morality and ethical issues of dating a much younger man. The story was deleted with two chapters to go, but this has allowed me to believe in a happily ever after for those two, whether or not that could have ever really happened.

    A bunch of other fantastic stories under the cut, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some too.

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    Thanks, Hon.



  10. Josh’s closet?

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