1. I worry about me

    Over the span of ten minutes I actually heard or said these things while in conversation:

    My unresolved feelings for cartoon characters…
    The marketing strategy has been set in place…
    Add chicken stock to it…
    I sometimes question the level of standards in the education system…
    And, stop licking my feet.

    It’s a wonder I can keep a straight thought.



  3. ellendegeneres:

    Happy Classic Joke Wednesday!


  4. Anonymous asked: Do you know of any good fics like Hero of the Story by atetheredmind where Katniss and Peeta have an affair with each other?


    I don’t know of any set in Panem, but here are some modern-day fics in which Katniss and Peeta have an affair with each other:

    The Common Thread That Lies Between You and Me - angylinni

    Swing - atetheredmind

    Where Did You Sleep Last NIght? - LolaBleu

    A Promise - RedHeadedFlame

    Moonlight Sonata - Naqia

    Forbidden - hutchhitched

    You can’t go wrong with angylinni . I love her.


  5. joshiferrecs:

    When this blog was started a year ago, there weren’t a lot of Joshifer authors out there. Trying to find a decent story to read was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Things have most certainly changed since then.

    The interweb (as my son put’s it) is loaded with Joshifer fan fiction now,…


  6. imasinnertoo asked: i know you get these often but i just feel obligated to tell you how much i enjoy your writing. im not sure where you get your inspiration from but your story "the road to recovery" is not only a fantastic well written piece but it has become my new favorite post mockingjay story and let me tell you, ive read so many. ive been reading fanfiction since i first discovered it about two years ago. you have captured everything i imagined about these characters. please continue writing youre amazing

    When you put a little piece of yourself out there for all to see and someone takes the time to tell you that they enjoyed it, you do not take that for granted. Thank you for taking the time to tell me you like RtR and thank you so very much for reading it. I truly appreciate it. ~J


  7. the-supernatural-mockingjay asked: So I just started and finished Intimate Strangers and it was absolutely amazing. I shipped joshifer before but now I ship it even harder. That was one of the best fanfics I have ever read!!!

    Thank you so very much. I’m honored you feel that way.




  8. Anonymous asked: Intimate strangers blew my mind!! It seems so real! Are you planning on updating the outtakes any time in the future? Pretty please?

    Plans yes, in fact, I have the next chapter of Intimate Confessions already written…with the exception of the smut. It still says, *insert smut here* where their sexual encounter should be. Mama was spent after writing the last chapter of BotI. ;)



  9. bakuman-love asked: Can I just say how awesome you are? Like, my adoration for your writing is above 9000. I literally just got done reading Mockingjay on Saturday and thought, "What is with this weak ending? So much drama with boys, yet no real resolve." And then I was determined to find a good FF to settle my annoyed and longing heart. And holy shit did I stumble on the best, and I meant the damn best story ever. EVER. Your Road to Recovery story is just perfect. Thank you so much for writing it. You are awesome

    Thank you so much for reading my story. I felt the same way as you when finishing Mockingjay: unsatisfied. I had my own ideas of how k/p hooked up in the end, and RtR was born. It will forever be my headcanon as to how Katniss and Peeta grew back together.


  10. meryl-charlie-ice:

    When you look at these pictures, if you can’t feel their longing for one another…their feelings of lust, passion, and love, then you must not have felt it before because they depict these emotions flawlessly…so flawlessly that they truly seem real.

    (via breadberriesandtoastbabies)